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Ethical investing and artificial intelligence event series launched by Permutable

Permutable will hold its first ethical investing and artificial intelligence event this April 22, 12pm – 1pm. Aimed at ethical campaigners, data scientists, investment analysts...

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March 24th, 2021

MRI joins Royal Marsden on cancer research efforts

Today, is announcing the first of its ethically based initiatives using artificial intelligence. Permutable will be working with the Royal Marsden Hospital Foundation in...

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March 16th, 2021

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Permutable named as one to watch on list of of European startups and scale-ups working with AI

Permutable is delighted to announce that it has been named as one of the top European startups and scale-ups working with AI by TNW’s X-Europe...

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November 12th, 2020


Permutable participates in small data roundtable discussion

Permutable’s co-founders Wilson Chan and Alexandr Medvedev gathered together with other thought leaders as part of Open Ocean‘s Data Series programme. The exclusive round table...

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October 27th, 2020

Heartbeat Monitor

Permutable uses AI technology to detect heart abnormalities

Permutable is excited to announce that it has been using AI and its proprietary machine learning engine to detect heart abnormalities. In this exciting departure...

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October 23rd, 2020

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Permutable unveils preview of their proprietary R2 machine learning engine

R2 is Permutable’s proprietary machine learning engine that has been developed over the course of the last two years. Using neural network technology, it is...

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October 16th, 2020

Brain on a plate’s inaugural patent application for world’s first symbiotic AI trading system

We are delighted to announce that Permutable has filed its inaugural patent application for the world’s first symbiotic AI trading system. The technology is both...

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October 5th, 2020

Richmond office

Official announcement of new London office opening

As a result of continued business growth and a strong year for, we are delighted to announce the opening of our new London office...

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September 15th, 2020

Wilson lecture at Imperial College Driving the Future of AI

Who will shape the future of AI? Who will drive innovation and solutions previously unimaginable to us? We believe it is the next generation, the...

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February 6th, 2020

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