Ethical Monitoring EM1

Permutable is delighted to announce its entry into ethical monitoring, by using its latest cutting-edge NLP research engine to help clients invest more ethically.

By using artificial intelligence, our research team has built up an extensive database of company ESG (environmental, social, and governance) data using heavy data extraction techniques and state-of-art language modeling to measure the sustainability and societal impact of an investment in a company or business.

This technology enables every one of our clients to scale up their contributions as part of the fight for de-carbonisation and holding companies accountable for their ethical practices.


  • 80,000+ Public and Private Companies
  • 70+ Industry Sectors
  • 5000+ Institutional Managers
  • 6000+ Vetted News Sources

High Precision Analysis

  • Cutting edge natural language processing modeling inspired by GPT3 and Bert
  • Highly Accurate and Relevant Data
  • Fast User Domain Knowledge Transfer

Insights and Visualisation

  • Dashboard and User Interface
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Scheduled Reporting
  • Investigations

Final Mission

  • Corporate Strategy and Supply Chain Effects
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • UN SDG and Paris Treaty Alignment

Our Technology


Data Extraction

Source data is both vast and complex, we deploy thousands of servers within our framework to give our clients the equivalent capacity of an army of analysts.

We scan over 6000 data suppliers and provide a credibility check of each source before it gets to our clients, no stone should be left unturned. Our rich multi-language collection of synonyms are based on formal reporting guidelines and mainstream dictionaries of key ESG terms.


Natural Language Processing

We build our own custom GPT-3 inspired and Bert-based transformer models to read and scan complex topic terminologies such as sustainability or financial reporting issues across billions of document-based data.

Our systems also utlilizes feedback from usage to increase it's transfer learning to eventually surpass human ability.



It can take years of industry experience to be able to read financial news and documents to monitor results closely and amend ethical investment criteria accordingly. This is where standard NLP engines fall behind.

By exploring and adapting some of the most up-to-date models from research papers the team at Permutable has trained our models to read the news just like financial analysts - in a nano fraction of the time it would normally take to do so.


Sector Analysis

Sector Analysis

Our EM1 map provides high-level groupings of sector companies, for example, the maps can be adapted to be used by industry analysts looking at a particular sector or within a portfolio.

Our interactive dashboard allows the user to choose any industry type and select ESG categories of interest. We will provide full breakdowns of each company.

Company Timeline

The evolution of company ESG material can be a crucial tool to show how positive or negative stories builds up, for example for internal company strategy it would be to see the effect of a particular green campaign for a clothing company or to see the effect of a privacy leak dominating the press.

Company Timelime


We provide the most granular breakdown of ESG material on companies, every piece of data is backed by up by source content.

Company Rankings

Permutable will rank every company within any set group such as industry or portfolio. This will help key decision-makers decide which companies do or do not make the cut.

Company Rankings
Data Source Forensics

Data Source Forensics

Whether a company is guilty of deforestation in Uganda or subject to staff union strikes in a city branch in South America, these types of data points will receive heavy attention from Permutable.

An issue not often talked about in climate change is the issue of greenwashing and media bias, our analysis allows us to get past these issues to show investors what they are actually looking for.

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