These are the top companies using AI to grow their business

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The race for corporates to adopt and integrate AI into their business is on. It is no wonder that the global artificial intelligence market size is expected to reach USD 733.7 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 42.2%, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. B. Demand is rapidly growing with top companies using AI to grow their business across all areas of applications including 5G technology, connected devices, cloud-based services and applications, autonomous driving, machine learning, fintech and more.

For those early adopter companies, the rewards for top companies using AI fuelled by a first-mover advantage far outweigh the risks. But which companies are blazing a trail when it comes to the adoption of AI technologies and which types of AI technologies are they utilising?

Here at Permutable, we have used our R2 topic engine and natural language processing technology to rank the top companies using AI in 10 leading markets. Read on to find who is cutting a wide swathe and getting serious column inches for it in the media.


To generate this list of top companies in AI, our machine learning engine R2 scanned over 1.2 million public news articles related to the 5000 of the biggest companies published in 2020.

The above data was collated by screening for technical terminology in media mentions and coverage including terms such as natural language processing, specific neural networks models and computer vision in order to locate higher quality articles relating to the application of AI within the corporate sector.

Based on positive impressions within that data set, we present to you below the corporates that are setting a trend with their use of AI.

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It is no wonder that Microsoft has left the biggest overall imprint in terms of artificial intelligence material in the press, given that it is leading digital transformation with autonomous systems. Meanwhile, in the banking sector, Goldman Sachs is leading the race in AI – which has become widely known for leveraging AI for trading and making the best investments for its clients comes out top for its advancements in deep learning. On the contrary, Wells Fargo has made big investments in the field of natural language processing, which has enabled them to transform its customer services technology.

In the automotive industry, who would be surprised that Tesla is leading the AI charge in every category? Fuelled by its pursuit of a fully distributed energy service and autonomous vehicles, powered by the development of one of the most innovative neural networks in the world.

While both Mastercard and Visa may be labeled as today’s most exciting FinTech innovators, it is Mastercard that outstrips Visa in terms of media recognition in this field, being noted for its strong investment in computer vision in its frictionless retail business. By contrast, CME Holdings have made large investments in natural language processing and has been using this to find new ways in analyzing alternative data.

In commercial services, Gartner Research is the front-runner in artificial intelligence with its latest Hype Cycle 2020 having a distinct AI flavour. Concurrently, Facebook has been leading the way in computer vision by inventing new ways for computers to gain a higher level of understanding from its vast image collection and to improve its user experience.

While it is patently clear that AI is changing every industry, what is evident is which companies are increasingly talked about in the media for using AI to create a truly global impact, as the race to become the world leaders in the adoption of artificial intelligence intensifies.


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Face Recognition

These are the top companies using AI to grow their business

The race for corporates to adopt and integrate AI into their business is on. It is no wonder that the global artificial intelligence market size is...

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