’s inaugural patent application for world’s first symbiotic AI trading system

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We are delighted to announce that Permutable has filed its inaugural patent application for the world’s first symbiotic AI trading system.

The technology is both novel and inventive – which is necessary for a patent application to proceed to an issued patent – and will pave the way for ultra-fast machine learning on financial data and the ability to solve increasingly complex problems.

If approved, the patent will give legal protection over Permutable’s proprietary technology and secure its long term legacy in providing cutting edge technology in machine learning and human symbiotic platforms.

Unlike most other technologies that are available today, the technology invented by Permutable enables real-time learning from just a few examples, resulting in ultra-fast deployment and unprecedented performance.

Wilson Chan, founder of Permutable AI says, “We are delighted to be in the position to file for our first ever European patent for our engine, which achieves a new standard in machine learning technology, in terms of design, implementation and performance.”

The patent was filed with the help of Gill Jennings & Every, a leading intellectual property firm based in London and Munich who said, “Wilson, Alex and the team are developing a really exciting new technology at Permutable AI which makes real progress over existing solutions and has the potential to be implemented in a wide range of applications.  It was a pleasure to work with them to file their first patent application and put the foundations of a strong IP strategy in place.”

To find out more about how Permutable’s technology could help you achieve a new level of performance by getting in touch here.

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