Meet the Founders – Alex Medvedev, Lead Engineer & Co-Founder

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At we develop AI solutions that place humans at the heart of AI. Our "Meet the Team" series provides an insight into the humans behind our technology and the values that drive them. We sat down to interview Alex Medvedev, Permutable’s Lead Engineer and Co-Founder to pinch a little bit of his time away from Research & Development and share with you his thoughts on what makes Permutable’s approach to AI unique.

What do you do at

I lead R&D at Permutable with a strong focus on developing ML libraries which support our products and vision. My strong research background helps me to ensure that we use state-of-the-art approaches to tackle challenges faced by multiple industries.

What do you enjoy most about working for

We are very open-minded as a company, every idea is heard and evaluated without any prejudgment. Similarly, to our unique approach to human feedback in our models we thrive off of each others’ feedback and constantly help each other grow.

We have achieved a healthy balance between researching challenging problems and injecting the outcomes of that research into the development of our products. It enables us to consistently produce impactful solutions.

What do you find unique about

We are developing a unique paradigm that enables users and machine learning models to learn from each other. Our approach to machine learning allows us to deliver better value for our users while our models consistently improve with every interaction.

What values drive you?

Getting to the core of a problem and then developing a solution together. When faced with a new challenge I really enjoy deconstructing it and understanding its essence and then, finding an answer, of course.

In a team, I am driven to help people showcase and utilise their strengths, often in a new and unexpected way.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

I enjoy the great outdoors, especially hiking and exploring with friends. Spending time with my 3 year old son and helping him learn about the world. My wife and I used to partake in ballroom dance competitions, now we attend occasional dance classes to have some fun and show off our dance moves.

Finally, I enjoy finding a quiet moment to read up on cutting edge Machine Learning research papers. Yes, I do it just for fun!

Ready to see what we can do for you?

At we use the latest in computer vision and deep learning techniques to build the next generation of human centric AI products. Get in touch to discuss how our next generation of AI solutions can amplify your business.

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